in Images

  • Of the 9 of February to the 23 of June of 2019, both inclusive*
  • To the 13,00 hours
  • Room of projections of the Hemisfèric

* Except the 13, 14, 20, 21 and 27 of April, days in which this projection will not be realised.

Music in images will take place every Saturday and Sunday from the 9 of February to 23 June, both dates inclusively, during the projection of the film America Wild programmed in the Hemisfèric to the 13,00 hours.

Through this initiative are the projects of the students of the masters in Composition of Sound tracks for Cinema, Television and Video-games of the campus of Berklee in Valencia, that throughout the academic year, musical pieces for different audio-visual projects, recorded by professional orchestras of Valencia and all Europe compose.