The Nit
of Berklee

  • 6 of July
  • To the 22,00 hours
  • North lake of the Hemisfèric

The Nit de Berklee is the culmination of a year of work and learning, the concert where the students of masters of the campus of Berklee in Valencia show to their talent fusing styles worldwide, and creating a very special experience for the senses, an explosive celebration of color and music that takes place on a floating scene in the North lake of the Hemisfèric.

The name in Valencian connects with the culture and patrimony of Valencia, at the same time as it emphasizes the importance of this celebration for the community of Berklee, before the graduation act every year.

With more than 5,500 assistants in 2018, the Nit de Berklee gives the welcome to all the people of Valencia, and worldwide, who are in the city in the most important date for the campus in 2019.

Activity framed within the Berklee WeekIt enjoys a fantastic week spent to music Berklee from the 2 to the 7 of July!